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Us Armed Forces Day Remembrance Thanks Quotes, Images And Pictures

Us Armed Forces Day Remembrance Thanks Quotes, Images And Pictures: Being a citizen every person thanks their country soldiers for the freedom they enjoy because of their sacrifices. If soldiers were not fought for their citizen no one can imagine what will be the life today of the people. So on this Armed Forces day we thank to our soldiers from the bottom of the heart for what they do for us without thinking about their self.

Here in this post we provide some thanks and remembrance quotes with images and pictures to thank them on this armed forces day. The day we are enjoying only because of their efforts. We should not forget to wish them and thanks on this day for serving nation and saving our lives. You can share these quotes on social media pages because in this era social media is one of the best medium to convey our messages in just of couple of time to every person living in this world because all of us are interconnected with the internet so become a part of chain of thanks and share these quotes.

It is fitting and proper that we devote one day each year to paying special tribute to those whose constancy one of the bulwarks guarding the freedom of this nation and the peace of the free world.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance

I have never met anyone who did not support our troops. Sometimes, however, we hear accusations that someone or some group does not support the men and women serving in our Armed Forces. But this is pure demagoguery, and it is intellectually dishonest.
Ron Paul

Special thanks thank you for serving our country and protecting our freedoms

Bush’s war in Iraq has done untold damage to the United States.
It has impaired our military power and undermined the morale of our armed forces.
Our troops were trained to project overwhelming power.
They were not trained for occupation duties.
George Soros

Armed Forces Day Quotes

The patriot’s blood is the seed of Freedom’s tree.

If I am outspoken of the dangers of intemperance to members of our armed forces, it is because we are all especially concerned for the welfare of those who are risking their lives in the cause of freedom.
William Lyon Mackenzie King

Today let us, as Americans,
honor the American fighting man.
For it is he –
the soldier,
the sailor,
the Airman,
the Marine
who has fought to preserve freedom.
It is his valor that has given renewed hope to the free world that
by working together in discipline and faith our ideals of freedom will always prevail.
Admiral Forrest P. Sherman

Work is not man’s punishment it is his reward and his strength and his pleasure.

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Patriot Armed Forces Day Quotes

Quotes About Armed Forces Day

I have great respect and understanding for military commitment due to my own family’s involvement with the armed forces.
Carolyn Murphy

Happy armed force day! thank you to all who have given and served.

Our men and women in our armed forces are the real heroes in this conflict.
Wayne Allard

It is fitting and proper that we devote one day each year to paying special tribute to those whose constancy and courage constitute one of the bulwarks guarding the freedom of this nation and the peace of the free world.
President Dwight D. Eisenhower

Then join hand in hand, brave Americans all!
By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall.
John Dickinson

I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives.
I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him.

I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.
William Shakespeare

Our Servicemen and women are serving throughout the world as guardians of peace–many of them away from their homes, their friends and their families. They are visible evidence of our determination to meet any threat to the peace with measured strength and high resolve. They are also evidence of a harsh but inescapable truth–that the survival of freedom requires great cost and commitment, and great personal sacrifice.
President John F. Kennedy

May the sun in his course visit no land more free, more happy, more lovely, than this our own country!  Daniel Webster

How important it is for us to recognise and celebrate our heroes and she-roes.

I have many friends and family members who have served (or are currently serving) in our nation’s Armed Forces. I have such a profound respect for what they do day in and day out.
Karl Malone

We must never forget why we have, and why we need our military. our armed forces exists solely to ensure our nation is safe, so that each and every one, of us can sleep soundly at night knowing we have guardians at the gate.

The men and women of our armed forces played an instrumental role in the election process – securing polling sites and providing security – that allowed so many Iraqis the opportunity to vote freely for the first time ever.
John M. McHugh

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.
William Arthur Ward

Armed Forces Day Thanks Quotes

Honor to the Soldier, and Sailor everywhere, who bravely bears his country’s cause.
Honor also to the citizen who cares for his brother in the field, and serves, as he best can, the same cause honor to him, only less than to him, who braves, for the common good, the storms of heaven and the storms of battle.

-Abraham Lincoln

No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another.
Thank you.
Author Unknown

For what avail the plough or sail, or land or life, if freedom fail?

No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks.
James Allen

To all of America’s Veteran’s & members of the us armed forces this veteran’s day we salute you and thank you for your service to America!

The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings.
Eric Hoffer

Thanks Quotes Armed Forces Day

Thank You Quotes For Armed Forces Day

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Armed Forces Day Thanks Quotes

As to the advantages of temperance in the training of the armed forces and of its benefits to the members of the forces themselves, there can be no doubt in the world.
William Lyon Mackenzie King

Armed Forces Day this year should serve to emphasise the practical application of unification in action, and to remind us of the continued need for unity in our Armed Forces and among all of our citizens in the interests of security and peace

My heroes are those who risk their lives every day to protect our world and make it a better place
and members of our armed forces.
Sidney Sheldon

We cannot continue to ask the brave men and women of our Armed Forces to put their lives on the line to protect our country while we jeopardize their safety by failing to ensure that Defense Department funds are not siphoned off to warlords in Afghanistan.
John F. Tierney

Better than honor and glory, and History’s iron pen,
Was the thought of duty done and the love of his fellow-men.
Richard Watson Gilder

I consider it an indispensable duty to close this last solemn act of my official life by commending the interests of our dearest country to the protection of Almighty God and those who have the superintendence of them into his Holy keeping.
General George Washington

The people of Iraq are grateful for what the people of the United States of America and our armed forces and our coalition forces are giving them the opportunity to do.
Johnny Isakson

This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.
Elmer Davis

We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.
Cynthia Ozick

Recruitment and retention are critical to sustain our Armed Forces with the best men and women willing to stand in the gap and make huge sacrifices to ensure our freedom.
Zack Wamp

No man is entitled to the blessings of freedom unless he be vigilant in its preservation.
Gen. Douglas MacArthur

If I had another life, that’s what I’d be – a regimental sergeant major or a similar rank. That’s where the spirit of the armed forces is.
Bob Ainsworth

Armed Forces Day Remembrance Quotes

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Armed Forces Day Remembrance Quotes

Memorial Day Veterans Day Armed Forces Day

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Armed Forces Day Celebration Quotes

Let no vandalism of avarice or neglect,
no ravages of time,
testify to the present or to the coming generations,
that we have forgotten,
as a people,
the cost of a free and undivided Republic.
John A. Logan

During their service, men and women in our Armed Forces live by a common creed, promising never to leave a soldier behind. We should live by the same principle. When our veterans are asked to travel hundreds of miles for care that’s offered right next door, we simply aren’t living up to that standard, and something has to change.
John Delaney

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