Happy Fathers Day Greetings Cards Messages Sayings 2016

Fathers Day Messages To Right On Greeting Cards

Happy Fathers Day Greetings Cards Messages Sayings 2016 Father’s Day is on 19th june on this year and there will be searches on Happy Fathers Day Greetings, Fathers Day Cards, Fathers Day Messages, Fathers Day Sayings, and if you are searching the same then you are at right place. We provide you all popular and latest Father’s Day greetings, messages, sayings in this post. You can share this on your social media page. Now this is the time to celebrate your fathers day by doing amazing things on this day, you can made own cards, greetings we will surely help you by providing some ideas for it just go through bottom provided images for more ideas and also in upcoming posts we will provide some more images and messages for father’s day 2016.

Happy Fathers Day Greetings


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Happy Fathers Day Greeting Cards

Happy Fathers Day Greetings 2016

Happy Fathers Day Greetings Card Images

Happy Fathers Day Greetings Images

Papa, This card might look simple, but I think this is the best thing that represents what you’ve been to me. You’ve always been a simple guy to me, and you have never been demanding. You remained simple and humble although I knew you were more valuable than what you seem to be. This card reminded me of you so much. It is simple, humble, yet valuable. It contained the best wishes and true-to-heart words just like you. You always wished the best for me and our family, and you’ve never failed to stay true to yourself and speak from your heart. I love you! Happy Father’s Day!

Dear beloved father, I don’t have any words to explain my love for you, just want to say, you made my life.

When I think of you Dad, my eyes cloud up a tad. You always loved me a lot, even as a mouthy tot. Withstanding my teenage years while hiding your protective fears, and giving me room to grow while strategically saying “no.” While these gifts I cannot repay, I love you and HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

Fathers are like the candles they make daylight out of darkness.

A father is someone who is concerned with every thing we do.


Happy Fathers Day Sayings

Happy Dad's Day Sayings

Happy Fathers Day Sayings 2016

Happy Fathers Day Sayings From Daughter

Happy Fathers Day Sayings Images

Happy Fathers Day Sayings Wishes

Happy Fathers Day Sayings

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We wish we could tell you Daddy,

that how much you mean to us….

We have no words to say about

how much we appreciate you…

how much we admire you…

how much we thank you

for everything you’ve done.

We love you so much Daddy…

Happy Father’s Day


Sonal, Yash

Hi Papa,

I can never forget the hardships you have taken to bring me to the level I am today. I remember the time when I was ill, you carried me on your back & took me through hospitals. How can I forget that finger of yours through whose support I stood up and began to walk. You provided me the comfort even if you had to toil hard. Still, when I have grown up, you become worried even with my slightest sneeze. Well this shows itself your immense love for me. I can only say that I want you to be my father when ever i am born.


Hey Dad…

You are the greatest influence in my life. Thank you for being that shining light in my darkest night, and thanks for always trying to make my loads light. Thank you for the confidence you gave me while growing up. Yes, I owe it all to you dad. Superman, Batman, Spiderman….you always were and will always be my BESTMAN…and you know what dad, it’s so hard to find a man that can love me like only you can!

Love you daddy…

Your “Baby”

Happy Fathers Day Cards

Cute Happy Fathers Day Cards

Happy Fathers Day Cards From Son

Happy Fathers Day Cards Images For Dad

Happy Fathers Day Cards

Printable Happy Fathers Day Cards

Fathers Day Greetings

Fathers Day Greetings Images Messages Wishes

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Fathers Day Greetings Images Messages

Fathers Day Greetings Images

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Fathers Day Greetings

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Sweet Fathers Day Greetings

I love you Papa. I know I am very rude at times but my love for you is endless. I cannot survive in this world if I don’t have your support and love. Please forgive me for my wrong deeds.


Best part about you as a father has been that you never really taught us anything. You just lived your life and showed us the path of rightful living. You provided us with all the essentials of good life and never made us compromise on anything. Without ever showing how hard it could have been for you to provide such a decent life to all of us.

Thank You for Everything

Your daughter

Fathers Day Message

Cute Fathers Day Message

Fathers Day Message Images

Fathers Day Message

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Great Fathers Day Message

Top Fathers Day Message

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When my knee got a cut, or there’s a bump on my head; when I feared the darkness or something under my bed; I didn’t needed to call any other, because you were there beside me my father. Happy Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is that special day where the spotlight is over the father and his children and all the love between them.

Fathers Day Messages

Best Fathers Day Messages

Fathers Day Messages From Daughter

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Fathers Day Messages To Right On Greeting Cards

Sweet Fathers Day Messages

Happy Fathers Day Messages

A dad is someone who
holds you when you cry,
scolds you when you break the rules,
shines with pride when you succeed,
and has faith in you even when you fail…

Hope Father’s Day brings you some time to relax and geek out in your favorite ways.

A dad is someone who
wants to keep you from making mistakes
but instead lets you find your own way,
even though his heart breaks in silence
when you get hurt.

Wonderful moments we have spent together
Thinking of u father brings memories to mind
Wonderful moments I will forever treasure
I love u so dearly
Happy Fathers Day.

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