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The Easter Story For Kids

The Easter Story For Kids: Easter is the spring festival that celebrates the resurrection of Christ. It is the oldest Christian holiday and the most important day of the church year. Easter is the holiday that celebrates and commemorates the central event of the Christian faith: the resurrection of Jesus Christ three days after his death by crucifixion. All major branches of Christianity observe the holiday. Today, other than church attendance, the holiday often involves Easter Eggs for toys and candy as well as the imagery of bunnies and rabbits (see more below). Easter occurs the Sunday after Good Friday.

What does the word “Easter” mean?

The origins of the word “Easter” are not certain but probably derive from Eostre, an Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring. The German word Ostern has the same derivation, but most other languages follow the Greek term used by the early Christians: Pascha, from the Hebrew Pesach (Passover).

In Latin, Easter is Festa Paschalia (plural because it is a seven-day feast), which became the basis for the French Pâques, the Italian Pasqua, and the Spanish Pascua. Also related are the Scottish Pask, the Dutch Paschen, the Danish Paaske, and the Swedish Pask.

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The Easter Story

Easter Story For Kids

Easter Story For Kids

Jesus had many enemies who wanted to be rid of him. Jesus knew that he had only a short time left. The Thursday before he died, Jesus invited the disciples to have supper with him. It was their last meal together.

“Remember me,” Jesus told them, “when you eat the bread and drink the wine. I am going to live with my Father in heaven, but I will be with you wherever you go.”

On Friday, soldiers arrested Jesus and nailed him to a cross. Jesus said to God: “Father, forgive them. They know not what they do.” When Jesus died, his friends placed his body in a cave and covered the cave entrance with a rock.

On Sunday, a friend of Jesus named Mary Magdalene went to the cave. The rock had been rolled away! The cave was empty! An angel appeared and said: “Peace be with you. Jesus has risen from the dead!”

Jesus came back to visit his friends. He told them to teach about God’s love. “Tell the people,” said Jesus, “to believe in me even if they can’t see me.” And then Jesus went up to heaven to live with his Father.

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Short Story of Easter

Easter Story For children

Easter Story For children

Easter night, in the moonlight, a bunny looking for a place to hide chocolate eggs, near the house of two children. As would be happy children, to find small colored eggs hidden everywhere! But the bunny could not find a good place. The grass was too low and would not have hidden them. The bushes had branches too high. The trees had not cracks big enough.

Finally, the bunny, gave up hide them out of the house. “I will leave the basket and eggs in the living room,” he decided, “since I can not hide out. Now is the dawn and I have to hurry …”.

As he was entering the house, the moon set and the sun rose. Then the bunny saw what he had not noticed in the moonlight. The lawn was covered with crocus flowers, white, yellow and blue, that resembled so many colored eggs. It was just a wonderful place to hide Easter eggs!

The happy bunny began to arrange his eggs in the grass, among the flowers, and they did not differ at all from crocus flowers. It seemed that suddenly the flowers on the meadow had multiplied.

“What a surprise for the children, when they find the eggs,” thought the bunny satisfied, contemplating the lawn.

With small jumps ran in his den to sleep, tired and happy, as the sun rose high in the sky and children, yawning, waking up in the happy day of Easter. (K. Jackson)


The Easter Donkey

short Easter Story For Kids

short Easter Story For Kids

Once upon a time there lived just out side of Bethany, a good and kind young boy named Nun. Who was his fathers pride and joy. When Nun turned 13, his father bought him a Donkey.

Nun loved that Donkey very much. He washed and brushed him every day, and took him for long walks to show him off to his friends. Nun would not let anyone ride him. Sometimes when his friends asked to ride him and Nun would not let them, they would get mad at Nun and would not talk to him for days.

Every day Nun told his Donkey he was special. Nun could sense the Donkey knew he was special because he would smile at Nun.

One day when Nuns parents had gone into town to do some shopping, two men came by and began undoing the rope from the post the Donkey was tied to. The Donkey did not resist as he always did around strangers but went willingly.

Some people standing there asked, “What are you doing, untying that Donkey”?

They said, “The Master needs him, we will return him shortly.”

Not long afterward, Nun and his family heard a lot of noise some distance away. So they went to see what all the noise was about. Riding on Nun’s Donkey was Jesus. People were spreading Blankets and Palms in front of Nuns Donkey. The Donkey looked at Nun with a big proud smile. Now Nun knew why his Donkey was so special.

Celebrate the Easter Day with all your loved ones and try your best to save humanity in every possible way. Feel free to share funny stuff on WhatsApp or any other social media channels. Happy Easter Day 2017! Make this day all the more special for all your loved ones by sending The Easter Story For Kids.

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