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DIY Father’s Day Crafts Ideas | Father’s Day DIY Crafts by Kids

DIY Father’s Day Crafts Ideas | Father’s Day DIY Crafts by Kids : Hello Readers! Father’s Day 2017 is to knock us so soon. It is a day that is an extremely special day for all of us. The whole world will be celebrating Official Father’s Day 2017 on 18th June. This day provides us an opportunity to make our father feel special and loved. It is a day when you give credit to your dad for all that he has done for you, while not demanding anything in return. His unconditional love and solid support have made you feel confident and assured you that you have someone to fall back on, in times of need.

Handmade Happy-Fathers-Day-Greeting-Card

Handmade Happy Fathers Day Greeting Card

Everybody want to gift his dad a thing that he’ll really appreciate. Then why not make something special for our dads? You can create a DIY Father’s Day Gift that is completely unique and unlike anything, anyone else would even consider. Therefore In honor of fathers, our team Great Father’s Day Crafts Ideas that you can easily make yourself.  Some of these are a bit more complicated than others but they are all very unique, very special and we are sure that these DIY Crafts and Gifts will put a smile on your dad’s face. Instead of buying gifts or presents fro your father from market or grocery store we would advise you to make it yourself. When you will gift him a handmade gift he will definitely appreciate our efforts that you have put into his gift. The best part of these DIY Handmade gifts are that they so economical and less expensive so that it will not put a burden on your pockets. All of these are very neat gift ideas and no one gonna cost that really much time or money.

Here You Go….

DIY Father’s Day Crafts Ideas

Digital Tablet Sleeve

Dad really loves their tablets, so this father’s day makes him a special sleeve that will protect his favorite digital tablet. Although it is a sewing project but it’s a simple one. Not only do you get to create a protective sleeve for his tablet, but the pattern has been in such a way that has space for holding pens and pencils and other necessities, therefore, this will quickly become his favorite accessory. It has lots of space for everything and will fit all standard sized tablets, readers, and other digital devices. Also, it will look like you spent a lot of money on making it.

DIY Father's Day Crafts Ideas

DIY Father’s Day Crafts Ideas

Old Vintage Clock

An old map and a clock making kit will make a beautiful gift for dad this Father’s Day. You can simply use the map for the clock base and then follow the directions on the clock kit to put it all together. If you have an old map to use, this one will only cost you the kid which really isn’t that expensive. You can find these at your craft store. If you don’t have a map that you can use, you can use any family picture in the background.

father's day diy gifts

father’s day diy gifts

Pocket Watch Photo Album

Many of us might be having old pocket watch,if yes then you can turn it into a great photo album with miniaturized pictures of the family for dad. In case you don’t have a pocket watch, you can buy it form a store, they are really inexpensive. Choose the pictures that you want to use and then cut them appropriately to put inside the watch. You will need glue and transparent sheet to fix the pictures and protect them a bit from being scratched as they are looked at.

DIY Handmade Father's Day Gifts from Kids

DIY Handmade Father’s Day Crafts from Kids

Tile Message Frame

With a picture frame and a few Scrabble tiles, you can make Great DIY Father’s Day gift. You can change the matting in the frame if you can’t find the color that you want. You can also add your special message to dad in those Scrabble tiles. This is a great gift for dads who love Scrabble and even those who don’t. You can also choose pictures of the family to display and then add a message saying how much you appreciate his hard work.

DIY Gifts Ideas for Fathers Day

DIY Gifts Ideas for Fathers Day

Necktie Eyeglasses Case

This great eyeglasses case requires very little sewing and it’s really inexpensive depending on the tie that you use. If you have an old tie around the house that won’t be missed, turn it into a great case for dad’s sunglasses or reading glasses. He’ll love the uniqueness of this gift and you will love the ease of pulling it all together. There is just a bit of sewing required and you will need fabric glue as well.

happy fathers day DIY handmade gifts

happy fathers day DIY handmade gifts

Laptop Riser

This is one of the best gift for dads that allows him to watch movies and television on his laptop in bed. This laptop riser will make it much more comfortable for him to lounge around while using his laptop. You will need a bent plywood stool, a saw, two screw-in towel hooks, an extension cord and cable tracks. This project really does look more difficult than it is. This is one of the easiest DIY gifts and you can make it for much, much less than it would cost to purchase it. Since you’re making it, therefore to make it extra special and you can customize it however you want.

DIY Best father's day gifts

DIY Best father’s day gifts

Mustache Mug

Take a plain, ordinary mug and turn it into a wonderful gift for Father’s Day by adding a whimsical mustache. If dad has a mustache or used to, this is a great gift idea and it’s one that the kids could do. You will need a plain ceramic mug which you can get at a grocery store. You also need a pen to decorate the mug. All you have to do is draw out the mustache with the sharpie and then fill it in with your favorite color pen.

best diy fathers day gifts

best DIY fathers day gifts

Wine Bottle Tumblers

Give him a set of his own special “manly” tumblers. You can also make these great glasses from old wine bottles. They are much thicker than most stores bought tumblers so they’re perfect for any man in your life and it gives you something to do with those empty wine bottles. All you need a bottle cutter. These would be a great gift set for his man-cave. They are environmentally friendly as well because you’re recycling.

Handmade DIY gifts for Father's Day 2016

Handmade DIY Father’s Day Crafts

Slipper Socks

These slipper socks are perfect for dads who like to relax and unwind at the end of the day and they are super easy to put together. You make them with a pair of relatively thick socks, a piece of cardboard and a few other materials. You can do these in whatever colors or style you want, depending on the socks that you buy and thick socks really aren’t terribly expensive.

happy father's day 2016 DIY gifts

happy father’s day 2017 DIY gifts

Desk Lamp

You’ll need a few basic tools so make this dad’s tool box before beginning. The materials include dowel rods, cording, cardboard, electrical cord and plug and a light bulb and light socket. Dad will adore this unique desk lamp in his work or home office and you will love how easy it is to make. This lamp provides little extra light at his work desk.

Father's Day DIY Crafts Ideas for Kids

Father’s Day Crafts Ideas for Kids











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